Will the silver tarnish or the ring discolour over time?​

No! Our jewelry is 100% Sterling Silver and won't tarnish or discolour over time.

To keep the shine of the stone and metal it is advised to keep your jewelry clean.

Will the jewelry turn my fingers or wrists green? 

No. The material is 100% Sterling Silver there is no copper found in our jewelry.

In cheaply made jewelry the silver can tarnish and turn the finger green leaving only copper behind. Not with this one.

Is the jewelry solid silver or plated?

The jewelry is solid silver. 100% 925 Sterling Silver. 

Where does the jewelry ship from?

95% of all orders ship from Germany where the design process is happening.

Our gold- and silversmiths are from worldwide.

This is why 5% of all orders get shipped from South East Asia and other countries. 

What is the stone of the Ring of Eternity?

The stone is a 2.75 ct Zirconia Diamond.

It's also called a Simulated Diamond.

It's only a fraction of the cost with the same if not better sparkle and shine.

For the diamond expert seeing the difference between a natural and a simulated diamond is almost impossible.

Why spend $10,000.00 on a ring if you could get the same attention and eyeballs for much, much less?

What is the cut of the stone on the Ring of Eternity?

The stone is a Cushion Cut in a halo made out of 25 more smaller Zircon Diamonds.

Along with the band, there are also 30 more Zircon Diamonds.

Is the jewelry suitable for everyday use?

Will the jewelry hurt for everyday use?

It is suitable for everyday use and the jewelry won't hurt.

The jewelry got manufactured to be as comfortable as possible.

You won't even notice the rings on your finger most of the time!

They are also manufactured to withstand abuse from normal daily life.

Are the stones clear or iridescent?

The stones are iridescent and have been polished by our Million Rainbows™ Technique.

This is to ensure the stone shines and sparkles as much as possible.